Apple’s new iPad third time another charm

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As expected, people were lined up way ahead of time and literally camped out overnight to ensure that they would become the proud owners of the “new” iPad the day of its release. Edmontonian John Winslow was no exception, arriving just after noon yesterday at the Apple Store at Southgate Centre.

Winslow arrived armed with 2 extra large Tim Horton’s coffees, his iPhone 4S, iPad 2, MacBook Pro and a lawn chair. The Apple Store staff, seeing his determination, had quickly acknowledged him, ensuring he was comfortable.

He was determined to make sure he didn’t go home empty handed, which happened once and almost twice.

He stood in line at West Edmonton Mall for the launch of the original iPad in 2010, but they were sold out by the time his turn had arrived.

Last March in 2011, as we covered here Canoe Tech Blog, Winslow a self-proclaimed geek decked out in his iPad 2 Vigil 2011 T-shirt along with his young friend Harley, the geek-in-training, almost experienced déjà vu. Originally planning on camping out at West Ed, at 3PM the day before, they soon discovered that they would not be able to stay overnight due to construction in the mall, so they bolted over to Southgate Centre and were 2nd in line for the 5PM release.

He was not going to let this happen again this year, so he was willing to wait it out. He said there were about 20 people were there by midnight with the bulk starting to arrive around 5 AM. There were somewhere between 200-300 people just prior to the 8:00 early opening.

Winslow already owns an iPad 2, but the new iPad is what he wants.


Talking About the Resolution

“For two reasons,” he says. “The Retina display for his old eyes and a way better resolution on the camera… it’s now more like that on the iPhone.”

He joked about also wanting one because it said “New” – pointing to the sign at the entrance to the Apple Store, “but it doesn’t!”

He was also hoping that he would have been able to get his iPad on Wednesday, as he celebrated is 48th birthday, but was happy nonetheless

With his huge presence on Twitter as @SirThinks he has a number of followers standing in line to get his used iPad 2, but it’s already been spoken for.


Worth the Wait

After a long 20-hour wait Winslow was warmly welcomed into the store with a handshake and a plethora of loud and excited Apple Store staff. Just minutes later he emerged with his new 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G.

He’ll be busy playing with it, but only after he goes home and gets a few ZZZZZZs.  However, as I write this story, I can still see him on-line tweeting about his new iPad and thanking those who braved the mall with him.

This article was origionally published at canoetech .