Reuters Joins Growing List; Predicts September iPhone 5

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Reuters Also Predicts a September iPhone 5

Reuters Also Predicts a September iPhone 5

In what is definitely the most legitimate source to join this list of those predicting a later-than-usual iPhone 5, Reuters reports of a September 2011 iPhone 5.

Reuters reports that the much anticipated won’t be released in June 2011 as previous iPhones have around this time every year; news that will definitely disappoint those holding on to hopes that previous reports were nothing but mere speculation.

According to the report, the iPhone 5 will begin production sometime in July and will be ready for a September 2011 release that is likely to coincide with the annual fall media event Apple is known to hold; a seemingly perfect fit for the announcement of the iPhone 5.

The Reuters report also confirms that rumours  around the iPhone 5 featuring the iPad 2′s dual-core A5 processor are true and that it is also likely to include 64GB of storage capacity (much like the white iPhone 4), a slightly larger screen, and an aluminum back as well.

The report goes on to suggest that the iPhone 5 will remain structurally the same as the iPhone 4, but will have totally revamped internal components.

A better idea of what we can expect the iPhone 5 to be like will be after Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference, where they’ve publicly stated to unveil the new iOS 5 that the iPhone 5 will sport when released.

Report: Reuters Confirms Rumours Of A September 2011 iPhone 5

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Personalize your iPhone with Case-Mate Right Now!

There are mixed feelings out there about Apple’s decision to break the trend of releasing iPhones in the summer, but it might be a better deal for eventual owners of it, as it gives Apple even more time to fine-tune the iPhone 5 to perfection and avoid the re-occurrence of problems its experienced in the past.

The later-than-usual release of the iPhone 5 might also throw Apple’s biggest competitors off-guard as they could’ve been expecting Apple to keep with previous trends and release the iPhone 5 this summer, but we’ll have to wait quite a while to see if that has any positive/negative effects on them.

So let us know what you think. Is it relieving that Apple is making sure that they don’t release an ‘unperfected’ iPhone 5, or are you furious that you’ll have to wait a couple more months to get your hands on one?

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Even More Evidence Pointing At A Late iPhone 5

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A Late iPhone 5 Seems Inevitable

A Late iPhone 5 Seems Inevitable

In the last week, many reports have been popping up with clues pointing at a later than usual iPhone 5 release. Historically, iPhone’s have been announced during Apple’s annual WWDC that occurs every June, but a new report suggests that the iPhone 5 will be announced in September 2011.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analysts with Concord Securities reported earlier today that he checked with manufacturers that are involved in the making of iPhones and has concluded a few things based on what they’ve had to say.

Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the iPhone 5 will not feature a brand-new design, but will instead feature “slight modifications” from the current iPhone 4. He also goes on to state that the iPhone 5 will feature a faster A5 processor that was included in much acclaimed iPad 2, along with an 8 megapixel camera that we reported on a few weeks ago.

Kuo states that his conversations with the Apple supply chain also suggest that the iPhone 5 will go into production in August with an anticipated September announcement.

He also offers a very accurate estimations that Apple hopes to reach a production of 28-32 million iPhone 5′s this year that, according to him, will be ready on time for a late September/early October release of the iPhone 5.

Report: A Later-Than-Usual iPhone 5 Seems Even More Likely and Inevitable

Strangely enough, Kuo still believes that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (where they’ve unveiled previous iPhones), regardless of his belief that it’ll be release 3-4 months after that. We believe that it is quite unlikely that Apple would present the iPhone 5 that early as it would definitely lose a lot of the buzz it would be generating at the time of its announcement.

Also, in what is sure to be one of the first semi-legitimate predictions about the iPhone 6 (yes, you read that correctly), Kuo claims that the sixth-generation iPhone will be completely revamped in every way and will be release earlier than usual.

That means that there might be two generations of iPhones released within a year, which would not be too smart of a decision on Apple’s part should the speculation be true but might be necessary to compete with upcoming Android phones.

He does make some bold claims, but many of them seem to be very plausible given current speculations on the iPhone 5′s release date. In the past, he’s made some accurate predication about the white iPhone 4′s release date and the iPad 2′s screen size, which definitely adds some credibility to what he says.

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Bloomberg Reports White iPhone 4 To Arrive “In A Few Weeks”

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White iPhone 4 might be sign of iPhone 5's fate

White iPhone 4 might be sign of iPhone 5's fate

Here’s a quick report on the status of the white iPhone 4 for all of you people that have been, quite miserably, waiting for it.

Many people have questioned and even recommended the purpose of there even being a white iPhone 4 in the works at Apple, especially as the iPhone 5 was initially believed to being announced in June 2011 at the annual WWCD conference; as reported earlier today.

Bloomberg Report: White iPhone 4 Just Weeks Away

You might be thinking that this doesn’t say much about the fate of the iPhone 5, except for the fact that they would be released far too close together.

Rumours have been circulating around whether the iPhone 5 would be announced this summer, and the Bloomberg report just might show where Apple is focusing their efforts at the moment.

Here is an excerpt from the Bloomberg Report:

Apple Inc. will begin selling a white model of the iPhone 4 in the next few weeks after a 10- month delay, according to three people familiar with the plans.
The new version will be available from AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless by the end of April, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public. The release was stalled as Apple resolved manufacturing challenges, including paint that peeled under heat, one person said.

Regardless, this is great news if you’ve been waiting for almost a year for a white version of the iPhone 4 to come out (we feel terrible that you had to wait if you did) and bad news if you’re looking for any sign that the iPhone 5 will stay on schedule and be announced this June.

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Asian Suppliers Provide Further Evidence of A Late iPhone 5

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Taiwanese Report Makes June iPhone 5 Less Likely

Report Makes June iPhone 5 Less Likely recently reported that Apple has yet to release a production roadmap for the iPhone 5, which further suggests that the much anticipated fifth-generation smartphone is coming out later than previously generations have.

Apple has been releasing iPhone’s in their annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), yet more and more things are pointing towards a later than usual announcement of the iPhone 5. further supports the idea of a later-than-usual iPhone 5, where their report suggests that a Taiwan-based supplier of touch panels has not received the typical timetable from Apple that would notify them when to stop current production and when to begin preparation for the next phone, which in this case is the iPhone 5.

Report: Taiwanese Supplier Has Not Received Apple Timetable to Begin Production of iPhone 5 Components

Many sources are suggesting that the iPhone 5 will be structurally the same as the iPhone 4 and would not require current suppliers to overhaul their current production outlines. The slight modification of the iPhone 4, would change even less than the structural changes from the iPad to the iPad 2, and would focus more on internal upgrades according to the same sources.

If the rumours are true that the iPhone 5 would simply feature more internal upgrades rather than a complete structural overhaul, then there might, in fact, be a June 2011 announcement of it at the annual WWDC.

However, as reported by us a couple weeks back, the WWDC headline specifically highlights that the conference will be based around a “preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X”. Not even a mention of the iPhone 5′s future is mentioned in the conference’s description, yet alone any Apple product.

Read previous iPhone 5 news that you might have missed here

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Avian Securities Sees A Late 2011/Early 2012 iPhone 5

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iPhone 4 with metallic sticker; iPhone 5 may look quite similar

iPhone 4 with metallic sticker; iPhone 5 may look quite similar

Avian Securities, an American research firm, recently issued a statement to its clients stating that their analysts believe the iPhone 5 won’t be going into production until September, meaning a late 2011/early 2012 release is far more likely.

The analysts behind these claims state that they’ve checked with a very key supplier and have concluded that the iPhone 5 won’t even go into production until September, yet alone being released this Summer.

There have been numerous rumours for the past couple weeks based around the iPhone 5′s release date, but the Avian Securities report seems to be the most legitimate source to make a claim.

We think that Apple shouldn’t be so confident as to rely on the huge success of the iPhone 4 to carry more than a year of sales, especially as there are some hugely anticipated Android phones coming out soon as well.

Releasing the iPhone 5 during the Christmas Holidays would actually be terrible for sales as well, since the only people lining up would be those that would have been regardless of when its released.

Report: No iPhone 5 Until Christmas Holiday According to Avian Securities

That would prevent everyday consumers (not Apple fanatics) from buying iPhone 5′s as Christmas gifts, which would definitely be a huge hit to their sales. This is especially true as the iPhone 4 led all holiday mobile sales in 2010 and would fail to reach those levels should they release the iPhone 5 then (just take a look at how many people are still waiting to get the iPad 2 and now imagine if it were released on Christmas. People would just purchase the next available tablet because of the lineups/lack of inventory).

We think that it’s really unlikely that Apple would allow their profits to take such a massive hit that would be inevitable with a late 2011/early 2012 of the iPhone 5. Regardless, here is an excerpt from the Avian Securities report:

Supporting out comments over the last month, conversations with yet another key component supplier indicates that production for iPhone-5 will begin in September. This is consistent with Avian findings in the supply chain in recent months and we believe the consensus view is moving towards this scenario. In addition, our conversations also indicate the existence of a lower-spec/lower-priced iPhone in Apple’s roadmap. However, while our contacts have seen the placeholder in the Apple roadmap, they do not yet have insight into specs or production timing. This leads us to believe that any launch is likely a very late 2011 or more likely a 2012 event. As a reminder, Avian has uncovered several data-points in recent months pointing to the existence of a lower-spec/lower-price iPhone. A lower-spec/lower-price iPhone has also been speculated in the press and gadget blogs, though we do not believe consensus currently discounts the existence of such a model.

Let us know what you think. Is Avian Securities onto something with this iPhone 5 report, or does it seem unlikely?

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Apple Shifting from Aluminum to Carbon Fiber Products?

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New Hire Suggests Shift from Aluminum; iPhone 5 not likely to adopt

New Hire Suggests Shift from Aluminum; iPhone 5 not likely to adopt

Apple has just hired a man named Kevin Kenney, who was the President and CEO of Kestral Bicycles as a Senior Composites Engineer. He’s been consulting with Apple for the past couple years, but his new position suggests a lot about the future of Apple products.

Kevin Kenney has spent the last fourteen years building carbon fiber bicycles and his new position as Senior Composite Engineer suggests that Apple is seriously looking to switch from aluminum to a significantly lighter and stronger material like carbon fiber (unless they’re looking to build an iBike, which we highly doubt).

We also highly doubt that the iPhone 5 will feature any major changes in structure like having a carbon fiber backing, especially since rumours around the aluminum backing have way more credibility at this time.

Report: Apple likely switching to Carbon Fiber instead of Aluminum for their products; iPhone 5 with Carbon Fiber not likely.

Back in 2009, Kevin Kenney had his name attached to a patent that Apple filed regarding the inclusion of carbon fiber in their products. Ever since, there have been tons of rumours around the latest Apple product around that time having the change in its metal structure…and clearly they’ve all been wrong.

Apple holds tons of patents that haven’t materialized into anything for years now, but the fact that they’ve hired someone who’s as specialized in this stuff as Kevin Kenney looks promising. Also, Kenney has a background is aerospace science and is clearly very well-versed in corporate management and logistics as he was CEO of Kestral Bicycles; a huge bonus for Apple if they’re looking to eventually switch to the new metal.

There have been some rumours around the iPhone 5 featuring a carbon fiber backing instead of the rumoured aluminum, but nothing that has been supported by any legitimate sources and therefore just speculation.

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More Buttons For Future iPhones And iPads

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In the world of electronics, there is always a need for innovation. Apple typically sets the bar in this department and rumours indicate that the iPhone 5 will have additional buttons.

Together with the iPhone 5, Apple will also be adding buttons to future iPads (iPad 3 and so on). These extra buttons will most likely be situated on the iPhone 5’s bezel (rim of the phone). The bezel buttons are usually seen as secondary (polite way of saying less important) but Apple is looking to change that.

For example, these bezel buttons would help people navigate their iPad’s display features. As for the iPhone 5, the side buttons would allow people to change settings without having to rely on the touch screen.

Report: iPhone 5 With New Side Buttons

With these side buttons, iPhone 5 users benefit because their screens are being maximized. In other words, there are less buttons on the touch screen. That means that there is more room for actual images.

This is especially great with games. How many times have your fingers gotten in the way of a game and obscured your vision? It may be a minor complaint but it is one that Apple will hopefully be correcting with the iPhone 5.

With all that said, how do people feel about side buttons? Does it take away from the touch screen “experience”? We here at are optimistic and believe that it will only improve the phone.

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More News On A White iPhone

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We think at this point, it’s fair to say that everyone (or mostly everyone) would like a white iPhone 5. So is it finally going to happen? Well, there is some strong evidence saying that it will indeed happen.

Philip W. Schiller is the senior vice president for Apple. Excluding Steve Jobs, he is probably the most well known face for the company. Schiller has a Twitter account but he does not post often. Nor does he reveal much information regarding Apple and the iPhone 5.

Report: White iPhone Due This Spring

However, a few weeks ago, Schiller received a tweet from a teenager. The sixteen year old asked about getting a white iPhone. Considering that Apple probably gets this question a million times a day, the teen would have been out of luck.

Instead, Schiller dropped a bomb. An atomic bomb actually. The senior vice president of Apple responded with the following tweet: “Hi Eric. The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!)”

Is it an April Fool’s joke? The tweet hails from March, so it can’t be. Was it a slip of the tongue? The tweet has not been deleted. Schiller has not been fired from Apple.

Did Apple want this news to get out? Looks that way, but we can’t say for certain. We also can’t say whether the white iPhone will be the fourth generation or the iPhone 5.

Regardless, spring is here so the waiting game begins.

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iPhone 5 With A5 Chip Looks Increasingly Likely

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Amidst all the rumours (and there are a lot), one of the most interesting is the A5 chip. The iOs 4.3 update revealed that the iPhone 5 could have the A5 chip and it is looking to be true.

Apple is already using an A5 processor on the iPad 2 and it has yielded great results. Many are applauding the iPad 2 for speed and overall performance. Experts even say that the A5 chip is superior to the one created by Nvidia (they make chips for smart phones).

In terms of dimension, the A5 chip is double the size of the Nvidia “Tegra 2”. Despite this size difference, both chips are fairly similar in what they provide users with. They both offer high-definition video, clear audio/images and a camera than can support up to 12 megapixels.

Report: The A5 Chip Is The Best On The Market

With the A5 chip, the iPad 2 has received a big boost in the graphics department. Experts are telling us that the iPad 2 has graphics which are five times better than the first iPad. Additionally, tests are showing that the A5 chip has the edge over Nvidia’s “Tegra 2”. The iPad 2 has been proven to outperform a Tegra powered tablet drastically (3 times better).

The A5 chip obviously costs more money to produce but Apple is always about quality first. Sources are becoming more convinced that the iPhone 5 will have the A5 chip. With all the success outlined above, why wouldn’t it.

Steve Jobs is very happy with the iPad 2 and we hope the same can be said about the iPhone 5.

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The iPhone 5 Could Have An 8-Megapixel Camera

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Apple generated a lot of hype with their 3D-camera patent. In lieu of that patent, recent reports suggest that the iPhone 5 will have a more standard, 8-megapixel camera.

Interestingly enough, this valuable piece of news comes from Sony. Just yesterday, Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony) was involved in an interview. From what we hear, the interview was very procedural and the questions were nothing out of the ordinary.

Report: Sony Is Believed To Be Helping Apple

However, Stringer let it slip that Sony has been working on an 8-megapixel camera for the iPhone 5. Before, Apple conducted business with OmniVision. OmniVision is responsible for the 5-megapixel camera that the iPhone 4 uses.

In the last couple months we have been hearing rumours that Sony would play a role in the iPhone 5’s creation. We didn’t know any specifics so we refrained from posting about it. Now we know (not 100% mind you, but it’s pretty substantial) that it is the iPhone 5’s camera that will receive the Sony “touch”.

It may not be a 3D-camera but it is a pretty big improvement over the iPhone 4. Regardless, the 3D patent is still in the works so don’t rule it out just yet.

So…are any of our readers Sony fans? Sony haters? Leave a comment below, we always appreciate it.

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